Consulting, Implementation, Support (CIS)

Transform your enterprise
With our consulting expertise

Equipped with expertise in customer engagement strategies, CRM consulting and enterprise architecture design, our CIS team can help your business with digital transformation.

Peace of mind and seamless end-to-end integration of your business process to Ascentis products such as CRM, eCommerce, POS, Digital Ordering and Insights.
Comprehensive planning and implementation of CRM, digital, and engagement strategies, encompassing ideation, conceptualisation, design, development, implementation, and support.
By understanding your business needs and collaborating with our digital agency, Meet Isaac, we balance these needs with your brand values, customer experience requirements, communication goals, and creative representation.

How It Will Benefit Your Business

Feel confident making business decisions based on data-driven insights
Peace of mind to navigate future challenges seamlessly
Demonstrate a deep understanding of customer needs to enhance customer experience
Your gateway to innovative and successful customer engagements.