Our Vision

To be a global technology leader that leads the change in how businesses and their communities engage to foster a trusted and meaningful relationship.

Our Mission

We grow our people to grow our company.

Our Story
2020 - 2022

Ascentis was founded

Ascentis came from 2 words – Ascent + is, which represents always rising. It started as a software services company focusing on stored value smart card solutions. Its first product was Cardsurf, designed for cyber cafes and arcade centres.

Ascentis’ first cloud-based membership and rewards solution, MatrixCRM, was introduced

This was pivotal for Ascentis as Cardsurf was enhanced to incorporate rewards program features. It was then retired and Ascentis’ first cloud-based membership and rewards solution, MatrixCRM, was launched.

MatrixClient was launched to provide instant rewards gratification at Point of Sale (POS) without requiring POS integration

MatrixClient was launched to integrate instant gratification for members with Point of Sales (POS).

Electronic vouchers and cashback features were introduced.

With the introduction of electronic vouchers and cashback features, many clients continued to adopt MatrixCRM and MatrixClient.

Ascentis’ first e-commerce project for 12Buy.com

Ascentis’ first foray into e-commerce and a bespoke desktop and mobile website (mobile responsive today) was developed to support early days versions of Windows, Symbian and iOS.

Ascentis Malaysia was incorporated

Ascentis Malaysia was incorporated and started with 2 headcounts. It now serves as a support and development centre.

Ascentis’ first overseas enterprise project

Ascentis implemented MatrixCRM for Puregold in the Philippines, one of the largest hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience store business conglomerates in Philippines.

Digital agency Meet Isaac was founded

Meet Issac was founded as a subsidiary of Ascentis that focuses on providing digital, creative and social services to Ascentis clients. Today, Meet Isaac has also extended its services to loyalty consulting. Ascentis together with Meet Isaac, is known as A.MI – a technology agency providing digital and loyalty solutions.

Ascentis voted as Asia Pacific's Top 10 CRM solution provider

Ascentis was voted top 10 CRM solution provider in Asia Pacific by APAC CIO outlook.

CRM & Loyalty Agency of The Year (Local Hero)
Marketing Interactive’s Bronze & Local Hero Award

Ascentis launched AscentisMMS

The launch of AscentisMMS accelerated its growth and expansion, becoming one of the leading mall loyalty solution providers in Southeast Asia.

CRM & Loyalty Agency of The Year (Silver)
Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year (Silver)

Vision 2025

“To be a leading CRM solution provider in Southeast Asia by 2025″. Our corporate values are Professionalism, Accountability, Consistency and Teamwork (PACT).

CRM & Loyalty Agency of The Year (Silver)
Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year (Silver & Local Hero)

The challenging period

With 95% of its business linked to retail and F&B, business came to a halt as many clients were also trying to cope with the pandemic. During this period, Ascentis diversified its product lines into retail POS to support its vision as a Omnichannel solutions provider.

Ascentis launched retail Point of Sales (POS), an enterprise cloud POS solution for retail

Ascentis launched its Retail POS – Omni, an enterprise cloud-based POS integrated with its CRM and eCommerce. Omni empowers businesses to manage multi-channel sales and engagement within a single platform.

Ascentis’ year of transformation and 2028 Vision

Ascentis was acquired by Fushi Technologies (China) and the Development and Science Center (DSC) in Shenzhen was set up to drive its product development, innovations and software services.​

Revealing its Vision 2028 – To be a global technology leader that leads the change in how businesses and their communities engage to foster trusted and meaningful relationship.


Ascentis Singapore achieved the Outsourced Service Provider’s Audit Report (OSPAR) attestation and validation from the Association of Banks (ABS) in Singapore.

This attainment endorsed our credibility as an Outsourced Service Provider (OSP),
that assures that we maintain the same level of governance, rigour and consistency
as FIs in Singapore.

To remain OSPAR-accredited, we maintain the relevant measures and controls,
while also implementing them consistently to pass annual independent audits.

Experience A Fulfilling Career With Us
If you are looking for a collaborative, respectful and driven environment that offers an attractive salary and opportunities for career advancements, Ascentis will be the place for you.